Sunday, February 8

Sunday cry-time...

This job is devouring whatever lil social life I had. Yup. I'm upset. SR, Adi, Abgay, and (possibly) Chhavi are going to hang out in the mall and watch a movie with my sis while I slog over some crappy journal articles, which I'm almost certain that even the author would not be reading once published, on a Sunday. Yup on a SUNDAY, and to add insult to injury, I might have to stay back to complete editing the articles I can barely stand to see spread on my desk like a mangled corpse that I'm yet to identify as human.

If things aren't bad enough, I think I'm being stalked. Ok, not really stalked. I'm just being harassed by this female who does not interest me and am being teased into thinking of possibilities of some action by this str8 female whom I'm *sigh* attracted to. And of course, there are some gay men I'm painfully attracted/attached to and, as we all know, nothing will come of it (I ruled out sympathy love long ago and/or theem realizing that they are actually bi/str8 once they met me).
Of course, there is a new issue. The men and women I'm meeting these days are years younger to me. I'm *sob, sob* aging, and so rapidly that I can't be consoled. :'(

Buying a new phone on an impulse last evening did nothing to take my mind off the truckload of shit I think my life has turned into.

How does a simple life get complicated?

Monday, May 12


Deepti told me a joke the other day as I sat in her girlfriend’s flat…

Ques: How many dykes does it take to change a light bulb?

Answer: Three. One to the change the bulb and two to capture it on camera and make it into a documentary on women’s empowerment.
HA HA HA…he he he…erm…hmmm…

Sunday, April 20

Sharing partners...

RS was not the first or the only woman I shared with a guy. I mean, RS had a boyfriend and this guy had a serious crush on me (he was like puppy waiting for a sign of appreciation from me) and not only did he not mind that his girlfriend was spending some crazy nights with me, but in fact he would respectfully turn his back to us when we smooched at his house, in his car, in my car….

Before them, it was in my good ol’ days at the hostel. She (let’s call her “Dolly”) was available to all and I was her roommate. The sex was good and neither was in love with the other, I mean, it was great while it lasted. Then there was MT. I didn’t like him and he didn’t like me. I guess it was because despite how different we seemed to the others, we both knew we were the same---two goons doing the same girl. There was nothing to be said. We both just knew while Dolly continued with her “I’m a virgin/I’m a straight” act with him and me. Neither of us really cared about her actually but I found it damn irritating when he got his hands all over her. And I guess he was damn pissed off that I had what he didn’t…a room with Dolly and no one to bother or stop us. Then one dance night at the hostel, he grabbed her a little too roughly and dragged her to the dance floor but she wriggled free and came to me. Since she looked quite upset, I stopped him from grabbing her again. He was one drink down, angry and before I knew what happened, he put his arm around my waist and danced with me…or rather, made me dance. That was when I discovered that he was a fantastic dancer and he surely knew how to lead! But at that time, our moves were angry (I was livid that he grabbed me) and passionate (he oozed masculanity) at the same time and sometime during that dance, for a few seconds, our eyes met. We knew that each thought that Dolly wasn’t worth a fight, or further dance. He let go of me, bowed his head for a second and looked at me once more. I walked off. Since then we only nodded at each other in recognition when we ran into one another. Then he found a gal around the time Dolly and I parted ways.

BTW, does emotional sharing count? Anyways, My Ex-gal had broken off with her best friend-turned-boyfriend who became a friend again when she and I began to fall in love. The problem was I really liked Jerry, her Ex. I mean, here was a guy with whom I could have all my guy talks with and he was undoubtedly one of the most wonderful guys I knew. And I knew that though she had broken off with him, he had not been able to come to terms with it. He was still in love with her. If break up was not bad enough, she told him that she liked me…she was in love with me…we were now a couple. Once she and I had decided to give us a chance, I had to prepare myself to meet him. He was a different person when he spoke to her and he was different with me. To him I was a guy pal. Anyways, we met at a popular coffee pub, we all laughed and talked as usual. Later, we were headed towards the auto stand when I realised that while I was engrossed in my talks with Jerry, others were much ahead of us and it was just the two of us walking side-by-side. “I wanted to talk to you about something…”
I heard my heart say “uh-oh” right then. I looked questioningly. A casual-questioning look is what i was aiming for but nevermind.
“Have you both…erm…you know gone beyond kissing? I mean have you touched her?
I stared at him wondering where the conversation was going---my death or talk about porn?
He continued, “I have never touched her. I mean, I never got intimate with her. I just couldn’t. It was as if I’ll lose her if acted on my desire but she left me anyway. But as long as I get to see her…I’m ok.”
“You’re okay with the fact that she and I are together?”
“Hey, man! I like you. I’m happy for both of you." He smiled, "So, how was it?”
“Ah, come on! You know what I’m talking about.” He winked.

Wednesday, April 16

Lets talk about legs, baby!

Gorgeous Woman sent me some pics of her new boots, with her in them, of course, and I couldn’t help but look at those pics again, again and again. The boots were gorgeous but more so coz they were on her legs and fell short of her knees. They were gorgeous boots coz nothing looks better than leather boots on pretty legs. Yup. I love boots, sandals, anything with high heels and they make me gasp for breath when they are accompanied by legs that compliment these heartbreakers.

I’m not really a leg/foot person, just so you know. I don’t get turned on looking at legs and I definitely don’t go about licking them with passion at the drop of a boot. But there is something so spectacular about gorgeous footwear that gorgeous women wear (or, let me be fair, even if some one with lovely legs wears them). It’s like watching art walk about. Those who never understood the power of heels or out-of-this-world footwear, watch a woman transform into lady. In seconds of donning the heels, the body adjusts to it’s new role…the foot arches, the butt sticks out, the chest sticks out and the hips have that sway that makes my mind go blank.

Zzzzttt…power off!

That’s how powerful its effect can be and I’m not the only one who feels that way. Somehow the boots/sandals engulf the wearer with an essence of itself…feminine and powerful, erotic and stand-offish at the same time, it’s insane!

I never asked any of my women wear her heels to bed, maybe I should. Maybe it’s a baby fetish that is demanding attention. Hmmmm...high heels are a woman’s new best friend.

Thursday, February 21

Indian women's 'innocence' continues to amaze me. My educated,
married, and smart (well, smarter than most around here) colleague
does not know what an erection or PMS is! I mean, hello! She was a
teacher for 8 yrs prior to joining this place. Not to mention that
when I was busy with my daily chat with SR, in the ladies powder room,
I mentioned 'sex and the city' while discussing some episodes and a
female who happened to be there almost stopped mid hand-drying to
glare at me. I guess storks do bring the babies for most women in

Sunday, February 17

Adi's B'day...

Ok, so finally I’ve assumed another identity to escape ppl who were stalking me online and off to know what I was up to next. Bah! I hate them for forcing me off my old blog and making it private. Ah well! I’m dealing with the loss everyday. Ok, so it ain’t as bad as I make it sound, but still.

So, moving on…
My Valentine’s Day started a day early, with Adi’s b’day party. After dropping the idea to surprise him by some lame method (he was anticipating it anyways), Sis and SR came up with an even better b’day surprise---embarrass Adi. As per the plan, I bought a very green, glittery, obnoxious b’day cap (only for him), a banner I made that shouted “b’day boy”, and loads of red and white balloons, all hidden in my car. Once we all met up at Italics, SR and I excused ourselves on the pretext of buying ciggies and ran to decorate Adi’s car. Then of course we went in with the party cap prepared to force Adi to wear it. The surprise was on us when he not only wore the cap but almost refused to take it off. The cool-n-propah guy was being a sport! So, erm, ok.

Sis and her bf joined in late so now the party consisted of Adi, SR, sis, her bf Shree, Vivek, Kurt, Shruti and me. That is 4 straight ppl (sis, Shree, Kurt and Shruti), 2 gay men (Adi n SR), and 2 bisexuals (Vivek and me), which is only one reason why the party rocked. The other reasons included Shruti’s “sleep-deprived” state, which made her a blabbermouth, I was (and am) sex-deprived so I was a blabbermouth, and the digital camera exposed Shruti’s racy red bra under her black shirt, which made me an excited blabbermouth. This was Shree’s first meeting with the guys and second with mine and in a few seconds of interaction with Shruti; I assume Shree felt that he was perhaps better off not saying much to her lest her blatant tongue revealed more feminine secrets he wasn’t used to hearing. Perhaps he was already re-thinking about his overnight stay at Adi’s place but it was too late to change plans, so he skipped over to sit next to sis.
And since we almost had the entire restaurant to ourselves, we sang, kurt played the guitar and sang, Adi and shruti danced wonderfully, and we created a ruckus with our leg-pulling …the night eneded, as it had to, with valentine day hugs and wishes. It was one of the best b’day parties ever. *Sigh* I wish I cud re-live it.